Airlines - November 24, 2016

Mobile Payment Adoption And Mobile-First Expectations Rise Worldwide

Our recent white paper discussed the impact and expectations of Millennials on the airline and travel sectors. Raised on the Internet with high expectations of always-on connectivity and mobile capabilities, Millennials are embracing mobile payments and mobile-first travel capabilities, a … Read more

Mobile Payments - September 14, 2015

Airlines Must Be Poised To Adopt Mobile Wallets Now

The unstoppable move to mobile is shaping the future of the travel industry. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of passengers carry mobile devices when they travel and 45% carry three a more — a percentage that is sure to grow now that … Read more

Airlines - August 19, 2015

Mobile Consumers Demand More Personalized Services From Airlines

When travelers think of airlines, it’s sometimes with a sense of trepidation: long lines, cramped seating, lengthy TSA checks, pre-packaged food and unexplained delays. But airlines — often the leading edge in mobile behaviors — are taking cues from mobile … Read more

Airlines - August 3, 2015

Keeping An Eye On Google Buy For Airlines

Google’s new path to purchase The travel industry shook when the world’s leading search engine announced its “Book on Google” initiative last month. The online giant packaged the new offering as the “next step in the evolution of the Google Wallet,” … Read more