Mobile Outlook 2018 – A Report on Mobile Commerce and Global Digital Travel

CellPoint Mobile has released its 2018 industry report and forecast: Mobile Outlook 2018 – The Future of Global Travel Commerce”. Free to download, the report offers insight, analysis and recommendations around the key challenges and opportunities for mobile commerce across all major travel sectors and regions.

As discussed in the report, digital travel worldwide will increase 10.4% in 2018 to reach $676B in sales, climbing to $855B by 2021. In the US, mobile devices already account for 40% of digital travel sales. For airlines, hotels, hospitality providers and ground transportation operators, the future of travel will be strongly influenced by the development and application of disruptive technologies, including breakthrough innovations such as:

  • Blockchain technology that helps improve back-end processes and passenger-facing service
  • Mobile platforms that assume greater prominence on the sales and payment sides of every transaction
  • Consumer-facing technology (like digital travel assistants) that are redefining how consumers interact with travel brands

Key questions and areas of discussion in Mobile Outlook 2018 include:

  • How the long-envisioned “mobile journey” is being realized, and why the growth in ancillary travel sales is leading travel operators to ask serious questions about their ecommerce strategies
  • After several years of sustained profitability in air travel, is 2018 the right time for airlines to invest in new mobile capabilities, including payment innovation?
  • How will hospitality operators adapt as two business areas increasingly become one and the same operation: mobile user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX)?
  • Rail operators are looking to expand and increase their share of the travel market, but how will they sell a new generation of travelers on the convenience, comfort and economy of rail in a mobile environment?
  • For ferries and other ground transportation operators, why mobile solutions are a “game changer” for ticketing and fare payment
  • The popularity of blockchain technology is well deserved due to its far-reaching potential across all industries, but particularly in the travel sector. Blockchain technology could help airlines and other travel merchants create a secure passenger ID. This would help better manage loyalty banks and other customer profile data across all merchants and transactions, with no more fragmentation or data silos.
  • Four of the five fastest-growing travel markets are in Asia-Pacific (China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam), but travel is also growing exponentially in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. These regions also have growing populations of mobile-first smartphone users who want to be catered to by travel merchants.

Download Mobile Outlook 2018
Mobile Outlook 2018 is free to download, offering an analytical perspective on mobile commerce across the travel sector. CellPoint Mobile’s portfolio of mobile-first solutions can provide the seamless travel experience that today’s travelers are demanding, helping them move through booking, payment and travel management with as little time and effort as possible.