Increase direct channel revenues with the Voyage booking engine

Launch of Voyage Enables Companies to Increase Travel Bookings in the Direct Channel

CellPoint Mobile is pleased to announce the official launch of Voyage, our booking engine solution designed specifically for the global travel industry. Voyage enables companies in the airline, passenger transportation, hospitality, tourism and entertainment sectors to increase bookings and capture new and higher revenues from the direct channel. 

With digital travel sales set to reach $855B by 2021, travel merchants seeking to increase their share of this lucrative market need to invest in solutions that are built to generate revenue, increase conversions, and promote per-passenger and per-customer sales growth across all customer touchpoints.  

The Need for an Integrated IBE and MBE Solution

With more than a third of all global travel bookings taking place on a mobile device, it behooves travel providers to offer a user experience that is consistent no matter how the traveler chooses to book their trip:  from a native iOS or Android app or from the browser on their smartphone, tablet or desktop.  In doing so, providers can make travel easier while at the same time ensuring that every touchpoint in the customer journey – from booking and check-in to loyalty programs and destination activities – becomes an opportunity to generate revenue – directly. 

More than half (60%) of travel-related searches begin from mobile devices.  Furthermore, 90% of travelers using mobile devices will switch to another site or app if their needs for a frictionless travel booking process are not being met. Yet most travel providers lack a true mobile or internet booking engine that can meet those needs. Instead, providers might rely on a third party for internet booking engine capability, which can limit integration to their back-end systems, or hastily adapt their existing internet booking engine to the mobile web, resulting in a sub-par user experience, or create a lackluster mobile app that isn’t truly integrated with their back-end systems or that isn’t similar enough to the brand’s existing internet booking engine. All these approaches create a frustrating and disjointed experience for customers, and that’s IF they don’t abandon the process entirely to book their trip with a more user-friendly brand.  

Furthermore, even if a travel provider WANTS to enhance their mobile or internet booking capabilities, they are limited by lengthy and complex development cycles – particularly if large, legacy software providers are part of the travel provider’s technology stack. 

Voyage:  A Seamless Booking Experience for Native App and Web

Voyage is a full-featured, high performance and front-end agnostic booking solution that provides out-of-the-box integrations with leading travel reservation and ticketing systems, ancillary products and services, and is supported by a fully PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment platform.  The solution consists of two components:  Voyage Native, an app-based booking engine for iOS and Android, and Voyage Web, a fully configurable responsive web application which functions on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. Voyage is an off-the-shelf product, highly configurable and fully integrated across the entire CellPoint Mobile product suite.   

Voyage is quick and easy to implement – travel merchants can begin increasing direct channel revenue (and reducing reliance on the indirect channel) in a matter of weeks. Available in three levels (Engage, Accelerate, Advance) to accommodate the varying goals and e-commerce strategies of different merchants, Voyage enables travel providers to: 

  • Turn “lookers into bookers” with a frictionless booking experience that improves conversions and taps into new revenue streams 
  • Control the sales channel instead of sharing it with partners 
  • Launch robust, omnichannel commerce strategies easy, quickly and without taxing existing legacy systems 
  • Increase brand appeal and loyalty by enabling passengers to pay across every device quickly, easily, and securely 
  • Improve up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that boost ancillary revenue
  • Go to market quickly and easily with a booking engine in weeks, not months 

Voyage in Action 

The Voyage booking engine is designed to help companies increase revenues in the direct channel, maximizing the success of their overall e-commerce efforts and omnichannel strategy.   

To talk about your booking needs and learn how Voyage can benefit your company, email us at You can also learn more about Voyage here.