Increase Transit Revenues by Enabling Mobile Access for Your Commuters

Increase Transit Revenues by Enabling Mobile Access for Your Commuters

For daily commuters, getting to work can be seamless or it can sometimes be a hassle. The same is true for casual riders of public and private bus, rail and ferry systems as they go about their daily shopping activities and navigate their cities and countries.

The challenges of the regular commute can vary, whether they involve standing in line at ticket windows, vendor booths or kiosks; waiting for a conductor to hand-stamp a ticket once on board; re-entering the same payment information on different interfaces for the same ticket, or managing the stress that arises from a lack of information about delays and cancellations.

But a common thread among all ground transportation services today is that nearly every single rider and every single customer is carrying a smartphone or other mobile device as they travel from Point A to Point B. And therein lies the opportunity for ground transportation providers to enable mobility for all commuters and riders.

Ground Transportation: Enabling Mobility for Commuters

Providers that are intent on boosting ridership and revenues throughout Europe and the UK must make it easy for customers and commuters to plan, book, buy and transact their tickets easily and quickly from their mobile devices. According to 2016 travel data from Skift, 20% of all travel bookings worldwide now occur on smartphones, and the next logical step is to add other capabilities to the mobile channel so that riders can use mobile devices easily and quickly for start-to-finish travel transactions and communications.

The ground transportation industry must address a number of challenges as they convert their searching, booking, payment and ticketing systems from current processes and infrastructures to the mobile environment and mobile apps. Key questions must be considered:

  • How can existing infrastructures – staffed ticket office, self-serve kiosks, payment terminals and boarding gates or platforms – be upgraded or adapted to accept and verify the seamless tap-and-go functionality that now exists on mobile travel apps?
  • How can older ticketing and boarding technologies be updated to recognize and support such capabilities as barcodes, QR codes and mobile ticket swipes? What is needed to integrate existing frameworks and mobile technologies?
  • How can providers support mobile apps that integrate and work seamlessly across all of the steps involved in booking and paying for daily travel – internally for the provider, and externally to payment solution providers and other third parties?
  • How can providers support mobile communications about schedules, delays, changes and cancellations in the mobile channel?

Ground Transportation Operators Can Boost Ridership and Mobile Revenues

By enabling mobile ticketing and mobile payments, ground transportation operators can improve the commuter’s experience, increase ridership, and boost revenues. The right mobile ticketing and payment solutions can pre-store personal information and payment data, making it easy to support quick and seamless transactions – without extra steps or slow-downs at critical moments (rush hour, peak travel seasons) when a travel transaction needs to be finalized.

Pre-storing information turns the entire travel flow into a frictionless transaction that moves intuitively from one step to the next. Seamless mobile booking and mobile payment capabilities across all modes of transportation have the potential to boost sales – for bus, rail, passenger ferry and bus operators – all modes of transportation used by daily commuters and regular travelers.

For example, companies who have implemented CPM’s mobile ticketing solutions now recognize 30% of revenues from the mobile channel, and 90% of their rider interactions arise from the self-service, mobile environment.

This kind of success awaits other ground transportation providers throughout the Europe and UK as they enable mobility for their commuters and regular travelers. Let us know how our built-for-mobile booking, payment and ticketing solutions can help enable mobility for your customers.