Hotels - September 14, 2018

Mobile Channel Campaign Management for APAC Hotels

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has seen tremendous growth in the hospitality sector, particularly for cruise lines and hotels. This is being driven from within the region itself, mainly China but also Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand. In a … Read more

Ground Transportation - September 7, 2018

Moving Toward Mobility-as-a-Service in European Rail

Rail system structures across different countries, such as the UK, Spain and Germany, can be a useful barometer for European Rail overall. But it is more illustrative to consider the Continental systems as a whole separately from UK rail.  In … Read more

Cruise Industry - August 11, 2018

Mobile-First Approaches to Cruise Technology and Payments

The cruise industry has undergone tremendous growth in the past decade alongside the global growth of the overall travel industry, especially in the Asia-Pacific (APAC), Northern Europe and Mediterranean (EMEA) regions. In fact, cruise tourism is the fastest-growing market in … Read more

Hospitality - July 26, 2018

Mobile Payments and Promotions for Hotels & Hospitality

Hoteliers that prioritize new mobile technology solutions are able to use digital channels for promotions and content that can both harness and enhance the guest experience while also driving revenues. To do so, hotels are connecting the selling side (websites, … Read more